Awareness For Autism UK was founded in July 2013, with the vision to support families and individuals on the Autism Spectrum. AFAUK rapidly grew in size, with Autism Friendly events increasing in no time at all - from Autism Friendly Cinema Screenings, to Autism Friendly Soft Play, and even on to the now very popular Autism Friendly Football sessions that we run with our very own AFA Hammers. 

On the fundraising front, we have been very fortunate in our time, to have acquired the services of many great fundraisiers, from 5 and 10k races, charity football events - and even one very determined Autism Dad who rode a 30 year old BMX bike Coast to Coast in 2015. With the fundraising in full swing, we have been very forunate to have raised vast sums of money for a couple of excisiting charities, as well as being in an extrememly fortunate position, where we have donated many iPads to children with autism, for use in their school. 

2016 also saw the launch of our very own AFA Charity F.C and AFA Hammers footballs teams. - Our charity football team is dedicated to raising awareness and funds through charity football matches. The first few of 2016 were a huge success for the early days, and 2017 see's a pretty fully fixture list already. Adding to this, we have enlisted the services of several ex-pro footballers and celebrities who also turn out for the team when their busy schedules allow them to. Our AFA Hammers football sessions are funded by us and run by Dan Truscott and Jay Aldred - and have propelled since the summer, with two sessions every weekend, for up to 25 children with Autism.



23. Feb, 2017
  • #TeamGemmill WIN AFA17

    Saturday 13th May saw a host of celebs and ex-pros come together and take part in AFA17 at Basford United FC. The match ended 4-4, for the 3rd year running - with Team Gemmill victorious after a penalty shoot-out.

  • The 'Hammers keep on growing......

    Our Autism Friendly football sessions have been so popular since August 2016, that numbers have now spiked at 27. This being a huge testimont to the coaches who spend so much time prepping for their sessions. ⚒